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Урок 6 клас

           Тема: Їжа. Приготування їжі. Розвиток навичок монологічного та 
                    діалогічного мовлення
Мета: Повторити й активізувати ЛО теми.
           Формувати навички монологічного та діалогічного мовлення.
           Розвивати навички аудіювання.
            Удосконалювати навички читання.
           Тренувати у письмі. Закріпити вживання How much/ How many.
            Навчати готувати страви.
  Виховувати вести здоровий спосіб життя і прививати любов до               куховарства.
          Обладнання: Підручник, тематичні картинки, малюнки казкових героїв,
                                роздатковий матеріал(НО) 
Хід уроку.
  Greeting and Aim: T. Good morning , dear pupils. I am glad to see you today. Today is an unusual lesson. The topic for today is “ Preparing meals” . At the lesson today we are going to speak about your favourite food, you’ll listen to the text, read the dialogues and of course, preparing dishes. I hope our lesson will be interesting for you . So, let’s start our lesson.
  Warming – up: T. Let’s start our lesson revising a tongue twister’’ Betty Botta’’
                                 Ps.        Betty Botta bought some butter
                                            ‘’But’’ , said she, “ This butter is bitter”
                              T. Do you know any rhymes about food? Let’s recite some of them using your names.  For example: My name is Svitlana
                                                      I like eating banana.
  P1. My name is Ildika
        I like eating paprika.
  P2. My name is Slavik
        I don’t like garlic.
   P3, P4…
T. Very good. I see you know very interesting rhymes. And now we are continuing our lesson. Look at the blackboard and you can see a proverb:
               “ We live not to eat, but we eat to live”
Do you agree with this statement? (Pupils answer) Yes, we should eat to live, we need food to grow and to be healthy.
   T. Today I got some messages from your fairy tale’s characters and they are in need and your task is to help them. Look at the blackboard , you see your friends . They live far away from here and they left messages for you.
  T: At the lesson today we’ll travel from country to country and help your friend .
Listening : 1. Station .
Our first trip is to France. You can see a Cinderella. Let’s see what task she has for us (a message from Cinderella).
Cinderella: Dear friends,
               I would like to go to Great Britain
               I have an invitation to the ball.
               But I don’t know anything about
               British Meals .Help me, please.
                  Good luck.
T: Before listening, open your vocabulary and put down some unknown words
At midday—опівдні
Plain food—проста їжа
Roast beef—ростбіф
T: Listen to the text and then choose a ,b , c…….
T: Well done , pupils. So we can send back a message to Cinderella.
Speaking: Station 2
T: Our next station is Africa. Let’s fly to help Doctor  A. Would you like to know his need?
Doctor A. : Dear Pupils ,
I am a doctor A. I treat sick
animals. My bear is often
ill and you have to give
it an advise about healthy
and unhealthy food. Tell it
please what it should eat
and what it shouldn’t eat.
T: Work in groups . Divide into 4 groups . One group makes a Mind map about healthy food and the second about unhealthy food. The third group writes what bear should eat, the fourth  group writes what bear shouldn’t eat. ( Each group give advise to bear)
T. Very good. I hope this bear will know what to eat to be healthy.
   Physical activity.
T. To be healthy we should do exercises.
    Hands up, hands down
    Hands on hips,
    Bend left , bend right.
     Duckling song.
   Reading.    Station 3.
T. Let’s fly to the next station to help Neznaika. This is a message from him.
Unknown.  Hello kids,
I got a letter from my pen friend
 but I don’t  know to read in English.
Help me, please.
   Thank you very much.
T: Can you read in English? Let’s see. Read the dialogue and write out the names of food.
(text for reading)
   Answer: Hamburger, chips , cola , apple pie, melon, vegetable pie, spaghetti, orange juice, water.
T. Now we can  post e-mail  to Unknown to explain him what is the letter about.
      Station 4
T: Our next station will be in Germany. A little Red  Riding Hood  is waiting  for us. Let’s see her message.
Little Red R. H. Hello everybody,
I need your help. Walking down the forest
I met a Big Wolf.
I was afraid of him
and my basket with fruit and
vegetables fell down.
Help me sort out fruit into one basket
and vegetables into another ones.
 Thank you very much.
T: Work in teams to do this work faster , you can see the words on the blackboard. Look  for your word and put them into the basket.
Ready, steady , go!
(учні розкладують слова по кошиках з відповідною назвою)
T: Thank you for your work. I’ll send these baskets to Little Red Riding Hood.
  T. As you can see fruit and vegetables are very important in our life. Even great painters depicted them. Look at the blackboard and you can see masterpieces of famous painters.
     Station 5 .Preparing food
T. We are continuing our travelling and let’s go to White Snow. Now, see her task for us.
     White Snow:  Dear pupils,
                  I would like to prepare food
                  for the party. I am so busy during the day
                  and I haven’t time to make a salad and some sandwiches.
                  Help me please.
                  Here you have recipes.
   Recipe 1
Take :
2 tomatoes
2 cucumbers
1 onion
  Slice all ingredients. Then add some salt, pepper, some oil. Mix all.
Recipe 2
Take: 4 slices of bread
          Some sausage
          Some cheese, 1 tomato
Make nice sandwiches
T. While our pupils are preparing food some of you are going to lay the table. Who would like to do it? ( One pupil lays the table and tells how to do it)
T. Are you ready with your salad and sandwiches? Mmm … They look like very tasty.
Thank you very much. Do you know the story about sandwich?
Ps. Yes, we do. I can tell you this story.
                                  History of sandwich                         
 Bread has been eaten with any meat or vegetables since Neolitic times.
 The first written usage of the English word appeared in Edward Gibbon's journal, in longhand, referring to "bits of cold meat" as a 'Sandwich'.  
 It was named after John Montague, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792), was too busy gambling to stop for a meal even though he was hungry for some food. The legend goes that he ordered a waiter to bring him roast-beef between two slices of bread.
The Earl was able to continue his gambling while eating his snack and from that incident, we have inherited that quick-food product that we now know as the sandwich. He apparently had the meat put on slices of bread so he wouldn’t get his fingers greasy while he was playing cards.
In celebration of this occasion, November 3 is now celebrated as Sandwich Day! It is no coincidence that November 3 is also the birthday of John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich.
T. Very good. Thank you for this interesting story.
   Station 6. Writing.
T. Let’s fly to the next station. This is a Donkey . It has birthday party today. This is a
     message from it.
Donkey: Dear , friends
         Can you write How much…? or How many…?
         Complete the sentences.
T. So, you have cards and lets complete the sentences with How much or How many.
     1. ------------------------ sausage sandwiches have you made?
     2. ------------------------ sugar do you put in your tea?
     3. ------------------------- sweets are there in the box?
     4. ------------------------- tomatoes do we need for the salad?
     5. ------------------------- cheese did you buy yesterday?
     6. ------------------------- milk we need for the cake?
       Check on homework: T. your homework was to learn the dialogue how to order the dishes at the restaurant. You’ll also prepare menu.
Teacher: Right you are! Let’s play game. There are eighteen words connected with food and drink. They go across and down. Find them here. The words begin with these letters. (слайд 11)
 M __________________ C __________________ T ____________________
 G __________________ P __________________ M ____________________
 F __________________ S ___________________ C ____________________
 P __________________ O __________________ B ___________________
 T __________________ E ___________________ R____________________
 H __________________R ___________________ O ____________________
   Homework:  Your homework will be to make a list of products for the party. You have 100 hryvnia . Ask your mother to help you. Write how much you can pay.
   Summarising: You have worked very hard today. Very active pupils get 10 marks,
Some get 9 points… Are you happy today? Let’s sing a song “If you are happy and you know it”. Ok, the lesson is over. Good bye!

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